Teen Vogue promotes prostitution to young readers


Teen Vogue has been accused of promoting prostitution to its young, impressionable audience this week.

The magazine published an article with the headline “Why Sex Work is Real Work.”

The article was subsequently tweeted out with the words, “Yes, sex work is real work!” to its millions of readers.

Summit.news reports: The op-ed argues that prostitution “should be decriminalized across the globe.”

“Why is a teen magazine promoting prostitution to their 13-year-old readers?” asked commentator Mark Dice.

“Give it time. In a few years the high school guidance counciler will recommend sex work as a career option to school children,” remarked Mimi Al-Laham.

“This is just pure ignorance to the massive problem which is human trafficking,” added Brittany DeVandry. “How many of these workers are forced into this line of “work” as you call it. Yet you think they want their “work” to be legal? When they are being forced into it? Really?!”