Centralized cashless system to destroy freedom

Facebook “Internet of Money” to Control Bill Pay, Access to Public Transportation

Source: Daniel Taylor | Old-Thinker News

While Silicon Valley is making a move back to cash, Facebook is pushing its cashless system on the globe.

The system, called Calibra wallet, will give the world’s population access to the “internet of money,” as well as controlling access to transportation and goods.

As reported by the Sun, Facebook “… intends to open the Calibra Wallet up to additional services, so that people can pay bills, buy goods by scanning a code or accessing public transport.”

The service will reportedly allow individuals to use public transport “without the need for cash or travel passes.”

Calibra wallet is being supported by Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.

In 2011 it was reported that Facebook wanted to be your “internet drivers license.

Just like in China with its social credit system, your behavior and political views will likely have an impact on your access to the “internet of money.”

Facebook has already exercised authoritarian control over its users’ political views, banning and censoring mostly conservatives and Christians.

Under a centralized, cashless system that uses social engineering to manipulate individuals’ behavior, freedom will cease to exist.