• The Facts:Jordan Peterson has stated he will be backing a new platform called Thinkspot that promises to offer free speech and create meaningful conversation around video creators topics.
  • Reflect On:Does the conversation had on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter truly contain value? Or is there a great deal of trolling to weed through? Will this help create a space where Big Tech can’t control speech?

In the era of dire need for new and meaningful social media platforms, author and clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan B. Peterson confirmed he is backing a new free-speech platform called Thinkspot. He confirmed the platform is in beta testing during a podcast last week.

According to Peterson,, will be a space where creators can monetize their work and users can engage in thoughtful conversation about topics without worrying about Big Tech censorship. An issue that is currently heavily seen on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Some argue that these issues more greatly affect conservative voices vs left-leaning voices, and this appears to be true, although from my analysis it seems to be less about conservatives/politics and more about truths coming to the surface about agendas being push by the elite through the left.

A nuanced look at this censorship reveals that the political agnostic elite is simply using the left to create a culture of outrage to widen the gap within humanity and create an environment where censorship is widely requested by the people, instead of being unwelcomely proposed by the elite. This is a classic case of the power elite creating a problem, getting the needed reaction, and then proposing their pre-thought solution.

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