Source: Cristina Laila

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe taunted the tech tyrants on Monday afternoon and revealed ANOTHER tech insider has agreed to speak on camera this week.

“Stay tuned,” O’Keefe said in a tweet on Monday.

O’KEEFE: ANOTHER #bigtech insider has agreed to go on camera this week. Stay tuned. As @ericcohran said, “The tech companies can’t fight us all.” Big tech won’t want you to see our next one >>

“More tech insiders are coming forward. We are just getting started and I can’t wait for you to meet our next hero. We can’t rely on @YouTube moving forward so you can get our videos here when they are released,”O’Keefe said in a follow-up tweet linking to Project Veritas because YouTube is censoring his undercover videos.

Last week, Project Veritas interviewed a tech insider who blew the whistle on how Pinterest listed top pro-life sites as “porn” and censored Bible verses.

The insider, who was initially anonymous and later got fired by Pinterest, described in detail how Pinterest blocks Christian terms and Bible verses by not allowing the terms to trend, blocking them from notifications and the auto-complete feature.


Pinterest also blacklisted pro-life group by classifying them as “porn” which ultimately blocked their URL from being pinned.

Project Veritas previously exposed Twitter’s shadowbanning of Trump supporters and posted undercover video of Twitter engineers bragging about how they target users who tweet about “guns, God and the Cross.”

O’Keefe also recently exposed how Facebook “de-boosts” conservative figures and websites in order to greatly reduce distribution of content posted by Trump supporters.