For years, this reviewer has been hearing complaints that “Hollywood never produces anti-Communist movies,” only liberal or anti-Nazi or anti-American ones. And people, it just isn’t true. Hollywood has produced dozens of anti-Communist movies and continues to do so to this day. While it could have been more, Hollywood does produce them.

The purpose of this article is to provide as comprehensive a listing of all the movies that Hollywood has ever produced that can fairly be called anti-Communist, as this reviewer can come up with. And what are the criteria for a movie to make this list? In at least one of the following three criteria, the movie must:

  • have been produced in whole or in part by an American studio (which excludes such excellent films as Poland’s Man of Iron and Germany’s The Lives of Others), or;
  • use a large contingent of well-known American actors, or;
  • receive Oscars, which constitutes a Hollywood endorsement.

This reviewer has identified sixty-one movies that satisfy one or more of these criteria. In this article, the reviewer will provide:

  • the title of the movie;
  • the year of its release;
  • a synopsis of the plot or an explanation of why it is anti-Communist;
  • a partial list of the more well-known actors in the movie, where appropriate.

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