New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio went to South Carolina.

The mayor of Orangeburg showed up to hear Bill speak.

He was one of just 15 people.



15 people, including the mayor of Orangeburg, SC (the first person to endorse the mayor’s 2020 campaign) come to hear @BilldeBlasio @Chirlane speak in Columbia, SC this morning.

During another recent speaking gig, Bill drew a crowd of 20. – The Best Collection Of Pro-Trump News On The Planet!

Not 20,000.

Just 20 people.

From New York Post:

Mayor de Blasio’s ongoing tease of a presidential run didn’t exactly pull in the crowds during a campaign-esque event in the Granite State.

Only 20 people showed up Sunday to hear the leader of America’s largest city hold a roundtable on mental health — including the 14 people on the panel and just six in the audience.

There were also about six reporters on hand to make the room at the Sugar River Valley Regional technical school look a bit less empty.


De Blasio — who continued to refuse to commit to a White House run — pulled a well-worn page from his mayoral campaign playbook and put First Lady Chirlane McCray center stage on what was his second day touring the crucial primary battleground state.

The day began with de Blasio and McCray touting her under-scrutiny $1 billion mental-health initiative, Thrive NYC, to a roundtable of local officials in the town of Claremont, even as city lawmakers demand answers about its spending and effectiveness back home.

“She’s my partner in everything I do and that is a phrase we say every opening and have said for years,” de Blasio said. “They feel her humanity and they feel her compassion.”

A health program championed by de Blasio’s wife cannot account for $850 million taxpayer dollars.

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Poof. It’s gone.

From Daily Mail:

Bill de Blasio’s wife Chirlane McCray cannot explain where $850million given to the mental health program she champions has gone, according to reports.

In the three years it has been running, organizers at ThriveNYC have largely failed to keep records of the initiative’s achievements – and data that has been collected shows it lagging well behind targets.

Despite that, the program has been granted an even bigger budget going forward and is now on track to spend $1billion over five years.


The data comes from a Politico report that shows those running the scheme have largely failed to measure its impact or keep track of spending.

Thrive said it has developed a list of 417 metrics to measure how effective the program is moving forward, but asked to assess its impact so far, Politico said the data was piecemeal and showed a largely failing picture.

De Blasio should do his city a favor and resign.

He has done nothing good for New Yorkers. In fact, the city may be looking at bankruptcy for the first time in four decades.

Think about that.

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Bill and his ilk are currently everything that’s wrong with America.

The problem?

They don’t believe this country is great.