In the wake of the Virginia Beach shooting, the Virginia General Assembly is heading towards a special session that could see gun control proposals moving forward.

However, one Southwest Virginia county just turned itself into a gun rights sanctuary regardless if gun control is passed or not during the special session.

The Roanoke Times reports that Carroll County supervisors passed a resolution in April decrying the “slippery slope of restrictions on … Second Amendment rights” in both Virginia and the United States. The resolution declared the county a “Second Amendment Sanctuary.”

Liberty Conservative News reported on gun right sanctuaries becoming a nationwide trend in the wake of increased gun control pressure in the wake of Parkland shooting in 2018.

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The Roanoke Times breaks down the specifics of this gun rights sanctuary trend:

Most gun-rights “sanctuaries” are in the Midwest or West. The states of Kansas, Idaho, Wyoming and Alaska are gun-rights “sanctuaries.” So are a majority of counties in Illinois, New Mexico and Washington, with Colorado not far behind.

On top of that, local jurisdictions east of the Mississippi have joined in the fray:

Besides Carroll County, only a handful of localities east of the Mississippi — in North Carolina, Maryland, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Maine and New York — have declared themselves gun-rights sanctuaries.

The development of gun rights sanctuaries is one of the more positive pro-Second Amendment trends sweeping the nation.

When the federal government and state governments won’t act, the localities must pick up the slack.