Source: Ryan Saavedra

Two Holocaust survivors slammed socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) in a video filmed by Turning Point USA over Ocasio-Cortez’s recent remarks about the Holocaust, saying that she was “insulting every victim of the Holocaust.”

David Tuck and Sami Steigmann’s remarks came in response to Ocasio-Cortez claiming last week that the United States government was operating concentration camps on the southern border and her repeated refusal to apologize for her comments.

“I am a Holocaust survivor, I was in full concentration camp,” Tuck said. “You have no concentration camps here.”

“I went through it,” Steigmann said. “How can you, looking at my face, telling me that the camps that we have in south are concentration camps?”

“What you are doing, you are insulting every victim of the Holocaust,” Steigmann continued. “Shame on you.”

Tuck noted that this was all about politics for Ocasio-Cortez, saying, “She’s looking out for herself. There must be a purpose, a reason. Why would she say it? She wants to be popular.”

“Don’t talk to me about concentration camps,” Tuck added, noting that he was rotated around to several concentration camps including Auschwitz. “For every 10 Jews, nine were killed. I was lucky. I still have the number on my arm.”

Steigmann said that he was subjected to medical experimentation during his time in Nazi concentration camps.

Both Tuck and Steigmann praised the United States for the opportunities they have received in this country.

“I’ll finish with those words America,” Tuck concluded. “Send the kids to school. Make sure they have education. It’s still the best country in the world. Enjoy life. We have no concentration camps here.”