In this photo illustration Tinder logo seen displayed on a smartphone.

Source: Ashe Schow

A truly bizarre and frightening moment happened Monday during a murder trial in Nebraska.

Aubrey Trail, on trial for the murder of 24-year-old Sydney Loofe, slashed his own throat after shouting: “Bailey is innocent and I curse you all.”

Let’s take a step back. Trail, 52, is accused of suffocating Loofe and then dismembering her body after she went on a Tinder date with another man — Bailey Boswell (presumably the “Bailey” from his outcry above). Boswell is accused of acting as Trail’s co-conspirator and will face trial later this year, The New York Post reported.

Boswell and Trail are accused of plotting Loofe’s abduction and murder. Both are charged with first-degree murder. Loofe went on a date with Boswell, 25, after meeting on the dating app Tinder. She disappeared after their date on November 15, 2017. The Post reported that Loofe’s “body was found 19 days later cut up and wrapped in trash bags.”

Fifteen days after her disappearance, on November 30, Trail and Boswell were found in a Branson, Missouri hotel and were brought back to Nebraska for a separate case of fraud, the Post reported.

In court, Trail’s attorneys argued that he had consensual sex with Loofe after her date with Boswell, but that he “accidentally asphyxiated Loofe during a consensual sex game,” the Post reported. He initially told the Lincoln Police Department that Boswell helped him cover up Loofe’s death and that he hid her body because he didn’t think anyone would believe him that her death was accidental. He did, however, plead guilty to the unlawful disposal of human remains. Boswell pleaded not guilty to that charge and the first-degree murder charge.

NBC News added that Boswell is alleged to have used a fake name – Audrey – while communicating with Loofe on Tinder.

“Boswell was living with Trail at the time of Loofe’s disappearance and security footage revealed that the pair bought tools from Home Depot that were allegedly used to dismember Loofe, according to court documents,” NBC reported.

In addition, prosecutors alleged that Boswell reset Loofe’s phone to its factory settings two days after she disappeared.

Since his arrest, Trail has had a stroke and two heart attacks, KMTV reported. He appeared in court in a wheelchair on Monday when he suddenly grabbed something — possibly a pen — and slashed his own throat. KMTV provided footage of the aftermath of the incident. One can see the judge addressing the jury before turning toward the defense table as two policemen rush to Trail. His attorneys and others clear the area and Trail can be seen starting to slump over.

KMTV’s video then shows a shot of the sidewalk outside the court house and paramedics removing Trail on a stretcher with blood on his neck. He was put in the ambulance to receive medical treatment for his injury.

“It’s unclear what Trails’ injuries are,” KMTV reported.

The trial resumed Tuesday morning. Trail will be handcuffed going forward. Judge Vicky Johnson, seen in the video before Trail slashed his throat, told the jury to disregard his outburst.