Odd form of protest keeps comfortable sleeping arrangements from detention centers

WTF? AOC & Liberals Protest Trump By Depriving Illegal Children of Beds

Source: Infowars.com

Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is supporting employees of home furnishings retailer Wayfair as they protest the company’s decision to provide furniture for illegal immigrant children in Texas detention facilities.

Despite constant virtue signaling about the treatment of migrant children in her first year in office, AOC is supporting a movement that will possibly force them to sleep on cold concrete.

The company’s decision to sell $200,000 worth of furniture to a government contractor was protested by over 500 employees and multiple Democrat politicians.

AOC recently compared detention facilities to concenctration camps but is now joining a movement to stop comfortable sleeping arrangements from being delivered to the residents of the very same facilities.

Just days ago, Ocasio-Cortez was complaining about a fake news story claiming children at the facilities were being denied toothpaste, soap & proper sleeping conditions.

“When a powerful entity is trying to grow a system of human rights abuse (which is what this is) it’s on ALL of us,” she wrote.

The Boston Herald covered a Wednesday protest over the detention facility deal: