Source: Cassandra Fairbanks

“The Democratic National Committee blocked journalists from interviewing candidates’ supporters outside of their debates in Miami, according to a report from Jordan Chariton from Status Coup.

Chariton, a progressive journalist, filmed a video outside the debate showing the elaborate fencing used to keep press from being able to speak to the people who had gathered to support various candidates, including many for Andrew Yang.

“They’ve basically wrapped walls around the people so that journalists can’t actually go and interview them,” Chariton said.

The complex fencing situation is similar to that used outside the Democratic National Convention during the 2016 election that made it extremely difficult for the press to get out and report on leftist protests against Hillary Clinton that were taking place. Those who wanted to get to the protest had to make a 20-25 minute voyage to get around to the protests that were just outside the gates.

Chariton accused the DNC of wanting to use the supporters as props, but prevent the media from speaking to them.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in all of the debates I covered in 2016,” Chariton said. He also noted that the orders to fence people off came from the DNC directly — not NBC.

The progressive outlet, which is frequently critical of the DNC and establishment Democrats was also denied press credentials for the event.