• The Facts:Harvard recently published a study examining what would be the right ‘dose’ of aerosols to spray into the atmosphere in order, according to them, reflect the sunlight away from the planet.
  • Reflect On:Have spraying programs already been in place? Is global warming being used as justification to spray openly when it is really for some other purpose? Why does mainstream media never mention geoengineering?

What is geoengineering? Well, some refer to it as a weapon of mass destruction, others within the mainstream and other powerful organizations like the Central Intelligence Agency heavily support the practice of geoengineering, which is the process of spraying an array of aerosols into the atmosphere to reflect the sunlight away from Earth in order to combat global warming. Global warming, I must mention, is a highly politicized topic, with top climate scientists warning about this politicization of the science and urging the public to realize that a lot of what we are seeing from mainstream media is climate hysteria. Here is one of many examples. This distracts us from focusing on important things, like cleaning up our planet, the waterways, and re-forestation. Instead, it keeps us focused on CO2 and the systems that are being put into place to put more money in the pockets of politicians. All this comes from a mass media campaign that makes people seem ‘stupid’ or silly for questioning the global warming narrative, when again, many top climate scientists have been questioning it for years. It’s handled in a similar way to the vaccine issue.

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