The Democratic party is imploding in spectacular fashion with a full-blown civil war ready to break out between the establishment and the powerful insurgent socialist wing and it could very well cost them the 2020 election.

Last week it erupted on the debate stage in Miami and now there is growing friction between House and Senate leaders after Chuck Schumer humiliated Speaker Nancy Pelosi by refusing to bow to the young extremists led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who demanded that the $4.5 billion border security bill be gutted in order to strip funds for enforcement.

Some Democrats are decrying the bill’s passage as the worst defeat for Pelosi since the Dems regained control of the House and are on the attack against Schumer.

Shrieks of anger erupted after what many are calling a betrayal as well as a surrender to President Trump who supported the bill. The bipartisan compromise bill passed the Senate 80-4 with Democrats either not voting or joining with Republicans who have been trying to get something serious done to address the crisis at the border.

The squabbling over the bill was highlighted when multiple parties took their arguments to the Washington Post where the finger-pointing and tensions were revealed in a story that highlights the embattled Pelosi’s ongoing problems in trying to keep her freshman extremists in line and cited the Speaker’s own suggestion that she was two-timed by Cryin’ Chuck who may soon join Trump atop the official enemies list.

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