A look at a very significant reversal of the US Government’s position in the case


Source: Larry C Johnson

There is zero forensic evidence in the public arena that supports the US Government’s assertion that the Russian Government hacked the DNC. In fact, the forensic computer evidence that is available indicates that the emails from the DNC were downloaded onto something like a thumb drive.

There also is zero forensic evidence in the public arena that the Russians passed/delivered the DNC emails to Julian Assange/Wikileaks. There are only two ways to get DNC emails into the hands of Wiki people–an electronic transfer or a physical/human transfer. That’s it.

And here is what we know for certain. First, since Edward Snowden absconded with the NSA’s family jewels with the help of Wikileaks, U.S. and British intelligence assets have been monitoring every single electronic communication to and from Wikileaks/Julian Assange. They also have been conducting surveillance on all personal contacts with Assange and other key members of the Wikileaks staff.

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