Sarah Huckabee Sanders has the world at her fingertips with prospects of a gubernatorial run and now an offer to write a tell-all book — and the liberal media are going NUTS at the prospect.

While many are trying to downplay the likelihood of her incredibly bright future, others are covering it up by writing articles like the one from the Guardian saying “Good Riddance”, or the one from CNN calling her departure a “fraught tenure,” or the one from NBC that focused on the “damage” she’s done in the White House.

But what is the truth?

The truth, friends, is that she is arguably the most successful press secretary in history that will go on to have an incredibly political career.

As reported by CBS News:

Sanders had been elevated to be part of Mr. Trump’s closest inner circle, even higher than most Cabinet members, according to several sources in the White House. She is arguably the most powerful press secretary in modern White House history, given her access to the president. She sat in some of the most high-profile meetings during her tenure, according to a White House official, who calculated that Sanders had spent on average “hours a week” in meetings with the president in the Oval Office.

So is it any wonder that Sanders would make a great governor for her home state of Arkansas?

Of course not!

With the powerful Huckabee name, and even the endorsement from the Trump name, it seems as though she would be unstoppable.

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More by CBS News:

“Huckabee is still a magic name in Arkansas,” said Rollins, who was President Ronald Reagan’s campaign manager in the 1984 election and is currently co-chairman of the pro-Trump Great America PAC. “If she wants to run she will be tough to beat.”

“She has 100% name ID, the strong backing of the president and deep ties back home,” Raj Shah, Sanders’ former principal deputy press secretary, told CBS News. “She would be an instant frontrunner the moment she jumped into the race.”

“And having worked alongside her, I’ve seen her unique ability to connect and carry a message. Sarah would be very hard to beat,” he added.

Hard to beat?! But haven’t we all been told that she’s a joke? A liar? A disgrace?

How could she possibly win, right?

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The truth is that the people who are attacked by the media (whose only crime is supporting Trump, mind you) actually go on to have successful careers.

Don’t believe me?

Just look at this admission from Vanity Fair:

Despite initial questions about whether former Trump officials would have trouble finding post-administration jobs, most have emerged relatively unscathed. Former chief of staff John Kelly,who helped oversee the separation of migrant children from their families, landed a gig on the board of directors of Caliburn International—a company that runs one of the largest camps sheltering unaccompanied migrant children.

Hope Hicks,Trump’s former communications director, reemerged as a communications chief at Fox News. Anthony Scaramucci has leveraged his wild 10 days on the White House communications staff into a role as Trump interpreter in the press.

Ex-deputy comms director Josh Raffel cahsed out at $15 billion vape start-up Juul. And yet, as the Associated Press points out, none of those former officials have tried for elected office.

A Sanders bid for Arkansas governor, then, could be a test—one whose outcome is likely to be closely watched by other ex-Trump figures like Nikki Haley, the former United Nations ambassador who’s believed to be harboring White House ambitions. She, too, is writing a book about her experience in the Trump administration.

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Yes, the Liberals would have you believe that Sanders is dishonored and done.

The reality is that she was an incredibly communicator who brought the media’s bias to light.

They hate her for her strength, her future career potential, and what she may say in her new book after she’s had a time to relax from their constant attacks.

According to the New York Post:

Sources told Axios over the weekend that Sanders wants to move back home to Arkansas, relax for a month, and then help the president with his 2020 re-election campaign before starting work on the proposed book — which will focus on “her life in politics” and what it was like to work with President Trump.

One can only assume that her thoughts on “life in politics” will include some serious slamming against the madness of the media.

It may have been their mission to take her down, it looks like she’s only going to go up from here.

What do you think about her prospects? Leave your feedback in the comment box below!