The polls are in after the televised Democratic debates on Friday, and the results were “disastrous” for Joe Biden.

You know it was a slaughter when even Joe Scarborough said, “My only hope is people were not watching.”

Is it possible that Joe Biden is done? Done, as in cooked? Done, as in, “Get the old bird out of the oven because his time is over?”

As reported by Horn News:

When Joe Biden announced his run for the 2020 presidency, he thought his run would be smooth sailing — and for the longest time the polls reflected that.

Biden’s numbers showed that establishment Democrats were falling in line.

But that suddenly changed last week when he was humiliated on stage at the first Democratic debate.

His momentum has taken major damage so badly, even CNN couldn’t hide the ugly truth.

Biden, who once had 32 percent of support among Democratic voters, has fallen a jaw dropping 10 points, down to 22 percent. The large gap he once enjoyed over his rivals has all-but disappeared.

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According to most people who were watching, Kamala Harris is what happened.

According to the Daily News:

Joe Biden has lost half his support among black voters after Kamala Harris confronted him about racial issues at the first Democratic debate, a new poll revealed on Wednesday.

The front-runner went from commanding support of 40% of blacks to just 20%, the Reuters Ipsos poll showed, with Harris benefiting the most.

Harris grabbed the spotlight at the debate by challenging Biden over his work alongside segregationists in the Senate and his opposition to busing to achieve school desegregation.

The poll showed Biden’s support dipping from 30% of all Democratic voters to just 22%.

Ouch. That’s a huge loss, especially considering what a successful debater that Biden has been in the past. Though he has scored huge points on political foes before, his mojo in his most recent battle was gone, even according to “Biden-for-president” fans.

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According to Politico:

So the scorecard stands as follows: One big winner: Harris.

Three runners-up: Warren, Booker and Buttigieg. A surprise upstart: Julián Castro.

The mediocrities, not worth listing.

And a bunch of losers, starting with Biden and extending to Beto O’Rourke, Kirsten Gillibrand, the Coloradans, Andrew Yang (who’d make a great student council president) and Marianne Williamson, this debate’s Admiral Stockdale.

Those who are huge fans of Biden would say that he is still in the lead, and that’s true.

The only problem is how fast he’s falling, which is incredibly concerning for those who know that Biden is the only one with any chance of beating Trump in 2020.

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As reported by NBC:

Biden still leads the field in just about every poll. He has one other factor going for him: voters view him as the best option to beat Trump.

In the Quinnipiac poll, 42% of respondents said he had the best chance of winning the 2020 election. The ABC News/Washington Post poll found 45% of respondents believe Biden is best equipped to beat Trump.

So is Joe Biden done? Only time will tell.

One thing is for certain, though- while the Democrats continue tear Biden (and each other) apart, Trump just comes out looking stronger and stronger.

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