Minnesota Democrat attorney general Keith Ellison’s friendship with Portland ANTIFA leader Luis Enrique Marquez is coming under intense scrutiny following Portland Antifa’s vicious beating of journalist Andy Ngo. Ellison was recently photographed with Marquez.

Andy Ngo’s own reporting reveals that Marquez identified Ngo in the crowd at a March left-wing rally and profanely harassed him in front of his Antifa comrades, prompting police intervention. Footage of Marquez’s confrontation of Ngo is presented below.

Antifa’s attack on Ngo days ago was premeditated, with Ngo revealing in advance that Antifa was already planning to find him in the crowd and attack him.

Ellison deleted his infamous tweet in which he took a selfie of himself with the Antifa Handbook, which he said would “strike fear in the heart” of President Donald Trump.

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Here is Ngo’s run-in with Marquez in Portland in March:

Here is Keith Ellison’s selfie with the Antifa Handbook, which he deleted from Twitter.

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