• The Facts:A former chiropractor has been fined $100,000 for posting information about vaccines to her social media pages.
  • Reflect On:How can someone be fined for questioning vaccine safety when a plethora of science already does so? Why does the mainstream use terms like “anti-vax” instead of addressing the actual points made by vaccine safety advocated? Why do they use ridicule?

“Anti-vaccine” is a term used by the medical establishment and mainstream media to point a finger at and ridicule those who question the safety of vaccines. Any information that’s shared on social media today that simply questions the safety of vaccines and even uses credible sources, like peer-reviewed research and testimony from scientists and doctors, is almost instantaneously censored. This is disturbing, as it doesn’t allow for the free exploration of information that makes a big impact on public health.

The truth is, if vaccines were completely safe, then the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) would not have already paid approximately $4 billion to families of vaccine injured children. And, that $4 billion statistic comes from a database that records an estimated 1 percent of vaccine injured children, because only 1 percent of vaccine injuries are archived and reported. (source)

There are countless examples that clearly justify the questioning of vaccine safety, as this is legitimate and scientific. One of the best examples I like to use to make this point clear is aluminum.

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