Dome and statues on ‘temple’ have seemingly vanished



Drone footage of Jeffrey Epstein’s private island shows a strange ‘temple’ structure on his island, the dome of which has disappeared since the footage was taken.

The footage, shot in 2014, reveals a small, square building with a large, golden dome on top and strange hieroglyphics-style symbols at its base, with steps leading up to the door.

The ‘temple’ is painted with blue and white stripes with an arched doorway and a full-length window at the rear, with a side window also facing the ocean.

Interestingly, photos reveal what appears to be a tunnel or a cistern underneath the precipice where the ‘temple’ was built (watch the timestamp below):

“Workers told each other it was a music room fitted with a grand piano and acoustic walls,” wrote the AP. “Its gold dome flew off during the deadly 2017 hurricane season.”