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It’s getting harder and harder to tell which country socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez represents.

While speaking at a town hall event in Queens, New York, Ocasio-Cortez demanded that the United States government — by way of using taxpayer money — make a “lifelong commitment” to illegal immigrant migrants separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border and provide “mental healthcare services” to them “for the rest of their lives.”

AOC argued that the U.S. government must support migrant children for the rest of their lives because “even if you separate a kid from their parents for two days, you have already created life-long lasting trauma.”

“I believe we have responsibility to provide mental healthcare services to those children for the rest of their lives,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

She continued, “And there are children who have been separated that we have reunified, and it took about a year to reunify some of these kids with their parents. Lifelong trauma for which we, the United States, are responsible… And it chills me to my core to think about 20 years from now, when these kids grow up, the story that they will have about America.”

Quite amazing to see an United States congresswoman demand that American taxpayers foot the bill for those who broke the law to illegally enter the country.

On top of that, she wants Americans to pay for “mental healthcare services” to illegal aliens “for the rest of their lives” because they deserve it. All The Top Trump News WITHOUT The Liberal Censorship

Her radical comments aren’t all that surprising, especially given she can’t seem to go a day without finding herself engulfed in another controversy.

Last month, Ocasio-Cortez went berserk and falsely claimed that President Donald Trump’s administration is operating “concentration camps” on the southern border.

During an Instagram live video session on Monday night, the New York socialist also compared these “concentration camps” for migrants to the Holocaust.

Needless to say, her claim is completely false and utterly disgusting.

She’s referring to the Trump administration sending some detained migrant children to Fort Sill Army Base, which was temporarily used decades ago as a Japanese internment camp during World War II.