Fox News host Laura Ingraham revealed on Wednesday how Robert Mueller’s congressional hearings gave President Donald Trump a victory he never expected.

During a segment on her program “The Ingraham Angle,” she declared that Mueller’s appearance before the House Intelligence Committee was nothing short of a total disaster for Democrats.

She also revealed how it was a victory for Trump because it was one he earned over the nation’s “elites” who are desperate to take down the president.

“Trump beats the elites again — that’s the focus of tonight’s ‘Angle,’” Ingraham said. “When he was appointed special counsel, Robert Mueller was described by the political, legal and media elite as a brilliant choice.”

“Look, anyone can have a bad day,” she explained.

She continued:

“Look, I’m a lawyer too, and I was involved in a lot of white-collar investigations, big corporate investigations. You don’t always hit home runs. But this was a day full of swings and misses — an investigation that was in search of a crime from the very beginning. Anyone but rank partisans would come to the same conclusion at this point. If Mueller was the consummate pro everybody said he was, he would have used today to apologize to the American people and this president for what ultimately was a travesty. We will never know the full extent of how much this has hobbled the presidency of Donald Trump. But I have to say this: Even with this albatross around his neck, the president has once again beaten the elites at their own game. He has delivered economic success that is the envy of the world. Better try harder next time, guys.”

Mueller’s performance was so bad that Fox News anchor Shannon Bream and her team contacted 70 House Democrats for an interview on Wednesday night after the Mueller hearings — and none responded.

Consider that: Mueller’s hearing on Capitol Hill on Wednesday that not a single House Democrat would appear on Fox News to speak about it.

Mueller’s Wednesday appearance before the House Intelligence Committee was nothing short of a total disaster for Democrats.

Mueller also made a few bombshell admissions that further proved President Donald Trump did not collude or obstruct justice.

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During one exchange, Georgia Republican Rep. Doug Collins caught Mueller contradicting his own report.

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh also called out Mueller for telling a lie about Attorney General William Barr.

Mueller told Barr three times that the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) precedent, which states that a sitting president cannot be indicted, had no impact on his decision to indict Trump.

But when he testified on Wednesday, Mueller tried his best not to admit that.

Beyond that, it’s clear the Mueller hearings backfired badly on Democrats.