Never let a good tragedy go to waste. That should really be the Democrat motto.

Check out Harvard Law professor Lawrence Tribe basically calling President Trump a terrorist in light of the recent mass shootings.

He also calls for 45’s impeachment.

This guy has no clue about the Second Amendment.

From Daily Wire

In the aftermath of the horrible shootings in both El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, over the weekend — taking the lives of 29 people — Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe said that President Trump should face impeachment for allegedly supporting the kind of “terrorism” displayed this weekend.

While President Trump has been referred to as a racist on countless occasions while also being denounced as an appeaser of dictators, Tribe took it a step further by actually accusing the president of pushing terrorism, according to Fox News.

How many more people have to DIE violent deaths at racist hands before impeaching the president for inciting white nationalist terrorism and violence is taken as seriously as impeaching him for obstructing justice? The real national emergency is Donald J. Trump’s terrorism.