The Justice Department has filed a lawsuit against former White House aide and reality TV queen Omarosa Manigault Newman who stabbed President Trump in the back after she was terminated from her job.

As one of Trump’s most head-scratching hires, the former contestant on “The Apprentice” managed to get a gig with the administration which in hindsight, looked like a setup to gather inside information to land a book deal.

She is regularly sought out by the anti-Trump media where she engages in smearing her old boss as a racist but her short tenure capped off with betrayal is now coming back to bite her.

The DOJ is now under new management and AG William Barr has wasted little time in getting back to the business of enforcing the law — Omarosa just found that out the hard way.

The civil lawsuit alleges that the gossipy disgruntled employee failed to fire the mandatory public disclosure form within the required time frame.

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