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Maybe AG Bill Barr had Jeffrey Epstein whacked in his jail cell because of his close ties to President Trump. Yeah, that’s it!

Silly MSNBC host, Joy-Ann Reid.

No wonder the far-left network performs so poorly in the ratings.


MSNBC’s Joy Reid appears to suggest that Attorney General William Barr might be connected to Jeffrey Epstein’s death

From Fox News:

Disgraced multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was accused of sex trafficking minors, died from an apparent suicide inside his Manhattan jail cell, officials confirmed Saturday.

Attorney General William Barr said in a statement Saturday that he was “appalled” to learn of the death and the Inspector General would open an investigation into the circumstances of his death. The FBI is also investigating.

“Mr. Epstein’s death raises serious questions that must be answered,” he said. “In addition to the FBI’s investigation, I have consulted with the Inspector General who is opening an investigation into the circumstances of Mr. Epstein’s death.”

The 66-year-old Epstein was found unresponsive inside his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City around 6:30 a.m. Life-saving measures were initiated immediately by responding staff. He was transported to the New York Presbyterian-Lower Manhattan Hospital and was dead on arrival, officials said.

Law enforcement sources told Fox News that the initial call to the jail was cardiac arrest. Multiple reports claimed that he hanged himself. An autopsy is pending.

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Bill Clinton has long been linked to Epstein.

Epstein has since pleaded not guilty and Clinton released a statement saying he “knows nothing” about anything Epstein-related.

However, pilot logs would beg to differ. In fact, this could be a big problem for Bill.

Appearing on Fox News, investigative reporter Conchita Sarnoff said, “I know from the pilot logs. And these were pilot logs that were written by different pilots at different times, that Clinton went, he was a guest of Epstein 27 times… Many times Clinton had his Secret Service with him and many he did not. Almost every time Clinton’s name is on the pilot log, there are underage girls.”



More from USA Today:

Epstein allegedly targeted girls in a pattern familiar to human trafficking experts.

“He preyed upon children who were already vulnerable,” said Martina Vandenberg, founder and president of the Human Trafficking Legal Center, about the latest allegations involving Epstein. “He preyed upon children in the foster care system. He preyed upon children already being abused.”


According to the Herald, one lawsuit alleges Epstein used a modeling agency to recruit girls as young as 13 from Europe, Ecuador and Brazil.

“Like many sexual predators, Epstein had a keen sense for ferreting out the girls’ vulnerabilities and using these weak points for his own sexual gratification,” claimed feminist scholar Janice Raymond in the 2019 article, “Immunity Incorporated: All the Injustice that Jeffrey Epstein Can Buy,” published in Dignity: A Journal on Sexual Exploitation and Violence. “He chose girls he thought would not be believed if they told what had happened to them.”

The Clinton presidential library is refusing to turn over information.


From Fox News:

An indictment alleging sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy was unsealed Monday morning against financier and registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who pleaded not guilty during his initial appearance in a New York City federal court.

Prosecutors allege Epstein, the 66-year-old wealthy hedge fund manager arrested on Saturday, preyed on “dozens” of victims as young as 14.

“The victims described herein were as young as 14 years old at the time they were abused…and were, for various reasons, often particularly vulnerable to exploitation,” prosecutors wrote in court documents. “Epstein intentionally sought out minors and knew that many of his victims were in fact under the age of 18.”