• The Facts:Thus far we know that Epstein was found lifeless in his cell, but there have not been any reported signs of foul play or cause of death. MSM is still pushing that this is a suicide.
  • Reflect On:Asking questions and investigating this is important for many reasons. Sticking to the facts and what we know and can figure out has the potential to awaken many, but it serves to avoid feeding mainstream media with outlandish theories.

Jeffrey Epstein allegedly committed suicide in his Lower Manhattan cell on the night of August 9th, 2019. He was found lifeless in his cell where he was then given emergency treatment and rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Although the mainstream media keeps calling this a suicide, there is absolutely no evidence of suicide, and without any proper investigation, we can’t come close to saying what really happened.

Epstein was 66 years old and was set to stand trial in 2020 for allegedly sexually abusing dozens of minor girls in New York and Florida.

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