Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin claimed that convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was killed by the Russian state.

Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin claimed that convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was killed by the Russian state, which he says is now “in charge of everything” as a result of the Trump presidency.

The Russians killed Epstein,” Alec Baldwin said on Sunday, “They’re in charge of everything now.”

Epstein, who was facing charges of child sex trafficking, was found dead in his cell on Saturday at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York.

The timing of his death, as well as the fact that he had been taken off suicide watch, has fanned multiple conspiracies about whether he was murdered in order to prevent him from ever revealing damaging information on powerful people and politicians.

The Saturday Night Live star added fuel to fire over those conspiracies by pushing the absurd theory that Epstein was murdered in a New York prison cell by the Kremlin.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached peak Trump Derangement Syndrome and Russian Collusion Hysteria. Future editions of psychological textbooks listing mental illnesses will need to include new entries under these names, and Alec Baldwin can be cited as a prime example.

Breitbart report: Baldwin has long been obsessed with the supposed relationship between President Donald Trump and Russia, despite the Mueller report finding no evidence of collusion and Washington imposing various sanctions against the Putin regime.