Demonstrators display banners asking for U.S. intervention.

Protesters Beg Trump: "Please Liberate Hong Kong"

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After flying American flags and waving Pepe banners, protesters in Hong Kong are now carrying signs asking President Donald Trump to “liberate” them.

The image shows protesters displaying signs that say ‘President Trump – Please Liberate Hong Kong – Defend Our Constitution’ and ‘President Trump Please Liberate Hong Kong!’

Demonstrators have been flying British flags and American flags for weeks, but their latest icon appears to be Pepe the frog, a meme associated with the far-right and more moderate Trump supporters.

Now they’re calling for Trump to directly intervene.


Trump has tried to stay neutral on the whole issue, asking that the crisis be de-escalated and that both sides come to an agreement without further violence.

While protesters assert that their demonstration against further encroachment on the region by Beijing is organic, China claims that the U.S. is covertly encouraging a color revolution.

As we previously reported, tens of thousands of China’s People’s Armed Police (PAP) troops are massing inside a sports stadium just a few kilometers away from Hong Kong.