Trump is delivering on his promise to pro-life voters.


The Trump administration is cracking down on Planned Parenthood, the federally-subsidized abortion provider that has killed and dismembered millions of babies nationwide,by denying them the annual funds they have come to rely upon from the taxpayer.

Planned Parenthood is set to lose as much as $60 million in annual funding from the federal government, as a new rule from the Trump administration is set to go into effect. They announced they intend to withdraw from the Title X program, as those funds are now denied to family-planning entities that provide abortions.

The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco still has a chance to overturn the rules, as Planned Parenthood and their allies have filed a lawsuit to overturn Trump’s decision. However, the panel of judges had previously ruled to allow the Trump administration to move forward with the rule change.

If the 9th District stops the Trump administration, the legal battle will likely not end there. The fight could go to all the way up to the Supreme Court, where Trump’s conservative appointments would likely be tasked with making the decision. Even liberal activist judges may not want a resounding pro-life victory coming from the highest court.

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Planned Parenthood is whining about the “unethical and dangerous” decision made by the Trump administration that they call a “gag rule” on clinicians. However, Health and Human Services spokeswoman Mia Heck pointed out that Planned Parenthood represents fewer than 400 of 4,000 service sites that formerly received federal funds before the rule change.

“To the extent that Planned Parenthood claims that it must make burdensome changes to comply with the final rule, it is actually choosing to place a higher priority on the ability to refer for abortion instead of continuing to receive federal funds to provide a broad range of acceptable and effective family planning methods,” Heck said in a statement.

Pro-life groups are thrilled with Trump living up to his word and denying federal funds to Planned Parenthood, a key campaign promise he made to the evangelical community before he was elected into the Oval Office.

“This will feed Planned Parenthood’s reality distortion field that, despite being one of the most generously tax-funded nonprofits in America, it is somehow being attacked simply because the Department of Health and Human Services wishes to respect congressional intent,” said Catherine Glenn Foster, who works as president of the Americans United for Life.

“And Congress was clear: Title X was never meant to fund abortions. The law is clear,” Foster added.

“Women across America are going to find out for themselves that they don’t need Planned Parenthood after the nation’s largest abortion vendor pulls out of a program that they never should have been in at all,” said Students for Life president Kristan Hawkins in a statement.

The Title X federal program issues around $260 million in grants annually, servicing approximately 4 million women for their healthcare needs. Clinics that do not provide abortions will now be tasked with providing that care, as those dollars will no longer be funneled indirectly toward the ghastly procedure.