A new generation of advanced and highly capable modular radar systems is going to be deployed across the Navy’s fleet in many configurations.

Source: Tyler Rogoway

A staple feature on Nimitz class supercarriers and America’s “Gator Navy” of amphibious assault ships may begin to disappear in the not so distant future and in its place will be a very different looking system. The AN/SPS-48 three-dimensional air-search radar has been fielded across the Navy for over five decades. Today, a modernized version—the AN/SPS-48G—of the big, square, billboard-like, spinning array can still be found on Nimitz class carriers, San Antonio class landing platform docks, and Wasp and America class amphibious assault ships. But that is slated to slowly change as Raytheon’s new SPY-6V2 radar hits the fleet.

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