President Trump has reconsidered his approving attitude towards drastically expanded background checks for gun purchases.


President Trump rejected proposals to implement draconian background check measures intended to block firearms sales while speaking to the press in the light of two mass shootings Sunday morning.

The President stated that implementing new, arbitrary screening measures in gun transactions wouldn’t have prevented some of the recent mass shootings in America.

“Background checks – I will say that for the most part, sadly, if you look at the last four or five, going back even five or six or seven years — for the most part, as strong as you make your background checks, they would not have stopped any of it.”

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Leading Democrats and pro-gun control Republicans have proposed measures intended to box anyone with a history of receiving mental health treatment from gun ownership. President Trump correctly pointed out that many of the individuals who committed recent mass shootings would have slipped through such backdoor gun control measures.

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