On an Instagram story, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro announced the new Portuguese translation of Dr. John Lott’s  book on gun control, The War on Guns.

The book has one notable quote: “Possessing a weapon is undoubtedly the most effective means for protecting oneself against criminals. Women and the elderly benefit most from possessing a weapon …”

This announcement has caused Dr. Lott to set up an Instagram account which can be found here.

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Lott’s book, along with its predecessor More Guns, Less Crime, was crucial in demonstrating how federal and state level gun control measures have proven to be ineffective in stopping crimes during the last few decades.

These books have provided the intellectual ammo behind the recent wave of concealed carry liberalization that has taken place throughout America.

Now, these ideas are making their way down to Brazil. The election of Jair Bolsonaro has opened up a whole new host of opportunities for gun control liberalization in Brazil— a crime-ridden country that desperately needs more self-defense measures.

Having a Portuguese translation of The War on Guns, on hand will help Second Amendment advocates in Brazil tremendously.