Source: Ryan Saavedra

Gun expert Dana Loesch dissected a new ABC News/Washington Post poll on gun control on Monday and explained why polling on the issue is oftentimes misleading.

ABC News political reporter Johnny Verhovek tweeted the results of the poll: “Views on gun policy from latest @ABC/@washingtonpostpoll (1,003 U.S. adults, MoE +/- 3.5%) Requiring background checks Support: 89% Oppose: 9%. Banning assault weapons Support: 56% Oppose: 41%. Mandatory assault weapon buyback Support: 52% Oppose: 44%”

In a series of tweets, Loesch systematically broke down the ways that the poll was designed in a manipulative manner in order to push the political Left’s narrative on firearms.

Loesch began by highlighting problems with the following question that was asked: “Would you support or oppose a nationwide ban on high-capacity ammunition clips, meaning those containing more than 10 bullets?”

“This is one question,” Loesch tweeted. “First of all, the terminology is incorrect (this matters for a couple reasons) and who determined over 10 rounds means ‘high-capacity?’ In some, that isn’t even standard, it’s below standard.”

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