This is hilarious and sad.

Biden has apparently told this story before and now he’s spinning the yarn again. He claims that years ago when he was a lifeguard at a pool in a black neighborhood in Delaware, he had a confrontation with a gang leader named “Corn Pop.”

The Washington Examiner reports:

Biden recounts harrowing incident with gang leader named ‘Corn Pop’

Biden has regaled audiences with parts of the story several times, which he claims took place when he was a lifeguard at a predominantly black pool in Wilmington, Delaware. He remembers how when he kicked a local gang leader named “Corn Pop” out of the pool for violating the rules, Biden was warned that Corn Pop was going to be waiting for him after work with a switchblade.

Biden said he prepared himself by wrapping a metal chain around his arm. Corn Pop was waiting by Biden’s car “with three guys and straight razors. Not a joke.”

“And I looked at him, but I was smart then, I said first of all, I said when I tell you to get off the board you get off the board, and I’ll kick you out again, but I shouldn’t have called you Esther Williams, I apologize for that,” Biden said, revealing Corn Pop was stunned by the apology and decided to not attack him.

Watch the video below:

The part about how you had to wear a bathing cap if you wore “pomade” in your hair is especially hilarious.

This is the Democrat front-runner?