‘The View’ host Joy Behar suggests Orrin Hatch should ‘go ...


She didn’t like Lewandowski’s behavior before Congress either…

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Joy Behar, co-host of “The View,” claimed she’s seen “murderers and pimps” behave better than Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh did during his confirmation hearing before the Senate last fall.

Speaking about Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s former campaign manager, and his recent testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, Behar said Lewandowski’s behavior was disrespectful.

“I couldn’t stand watching it or listening to it on the radio,” Behar said of Lewandowski’s testimony. “It’s the snarkiness of it.”

Then she brought it back to Kavanaugh’s testimony last fall.

“I have taught juvenile delinquents who are more respectful in a classroom than this guy, than Kavanaugh,” Behar said Wednesday. “Remember Kavanaugh? And others who are in this administration who are working for Trump. I’ve had kids who were murderers and pimps who behave better than this.”

Democrats re-upped their attacks on Kavanaugh last week after the New York Times published a dubious report detailing two accusations.

But the accusations weren’t new: the FBI and Senate Judiciary Committee considered them before Kavanaugh’s hearing and decided there was too little evidence to back them up.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell slammed the Times for “yet another poorly sourced, thinly reported unsubstantiated allegation.”

Regardless, several Democratic candidates have called for Kavanaugh’s impeachment, including Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Julian Castro.

“Like the man who appointed him, Kavanaugh should be impeached,” Warren wrote on Twitter.

Harris said much of the same: Kavanaugh “lied” to the Senate, she claimed, and “most importantly to the American people.” She tweeted: “He must be impeached.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham assured Republicans that no such thing would happen: “As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I promise you Justice Kavanaugh will not be impeached over these scurrilous accusations.”