The New York Times is encouraging House Democrats to follow through on the idea that they should start arresting their political adversaries and throwing them in jail.

And they are calling for a midnight knock on the door of the former mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani.

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Such is the darkness that has swallowed the political left out of a refusal to accept the results of a legitimate election and the embrace of outright socialism

But rounding up those who do not bow to them is not only socialism on steroids but it is something right out of the old Soviet Union when dictator Joseph Stalin carried out a reign of terror that dispatched enemies to the slave labor camps known as gulags.

Yet that is where the Democrat mindset is these days as expressed by extremist freshman and AOC Squad deputy Rashida Tlaib who told a Detroit audience that is exactly what the House is mulling.

The Deep State and the rotten snake pit of corruption that is the SDNY has declared total war on Giuliani who has been getting too close to the truth for the comfort of the crime mob that runs the Democratic party with his probing into Ukraine.

And the nation’s “newspaper of record” is egging them on by endorsing the unAmerican practice of sending out the goon squads to silence and intimidate those who seek to interfere with the racket.

And endorsing the police state is exactly what the NYT did when it published a screed by a far-left zealot “law professor” who is clearly enamored with communist tactics.

According to the NYT, “The House Can Play Hardball, Too. It Can Arrest Giuliani”:

Refusal to comply with a duly authorized subpoena from Congress constitutes contempt of Congress. Contempt of Congress is a crime, and there is a mechanism for referring such cases to federal prosecutors. The problem, of course, is that federal prosecutors answer to the attorney general and, through him, to the White House, and they refuse to prosecute contempts committed by executive officials. In recent decades, congressional houses have sought a court order requiring executive officials to comply with their subpoenas, but that has all the problems described above.

The House should instead put back on the table the option of using its sergeant-at-arms to arrest contemnors — as the person in violation of the order is called — especially when an individual, like Rudy Giuliani, is not an executive branch official. Neither house of Congress has arrested anyone since 1935, but it was not uncommon before that point (and was blessed by the Supreme Court in 1927). Indeed, on at least two occasions, the second in 1916, a house of Congress had its sergeant arrest an executive branch official. (In that case, the Supreme Court eventually ruled against the House, not because it did not have the power to arrest for contempt, but rather because the offense — writing a nasty public letter to a House subcommittee — could not properly be understood as contempt of Congress.)

Facilities in the Capitol or one of the House office buildings can be made into a makeshift holding cell if necessary. Of course, arrestees will ask the courts to set them free, but the case should be relatively open-and-shut against them: They will have committed a contempt in refusing to turn over subpoenaed materials, and the House has the power to hold contemnors. Moreover, time would work in the House’s favor here: The unpleasantness of being in custody while the issue was being litigated might make some contemnors decide to cooperate.

The Democrats are already conducting an unconstitutional “impeachment inquiry” to obstruct justice by shutting down investigations into Ukraine, the Biden crime clan, the Russian collusion hoax and real collusion between Dems and Ukrainian actors in 2016 election meddling against Trump.

Now they would even consider the unthinkable by arresting those who are probing them.

Perhaps it is time for President Trump to turn the tables and start arresting the enemies of the republic, he can start by dialing up a raid on the New York Times and then move on to Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi and their staff.