The difference between liberals and conservatives, in a nutshell, can be summed up like this: when a prominent liberal dies, conservatives will say we may not have agreed on everything but rest in peace. But when a prominent conservative dies, liberals will say rot in hell – you deserved to die.

That’s the truth, whether some will admit it or not.

After the untimely death of longtime Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings (MD), a dude on Twitter wondered if President Trump’s words had something to do with it.

No joke.


Yep we all saw how you respected him – you called Cummings a “racist” and attacked him over and over on Twitter. We have to ask if these attacks contributed to his decline in health! #RIPElijah


some of the last things cummings did lying on his death bed was signing off subpoeanas to get trump impeached. Still he wrote this eulogy. if he hadnt said something, you would be offended at that too.

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