Source: Mac Slavo

Twitter is not known for its being a platform of free speech. They were busted shutting down the hashtag #PodestaEmails a few years ago, and now they are squashing #ExposeCNN to keep users from hearing devastating information about the mainstream media outlet.

Though the recordings from inside CNN by Project Veritas are generating a massive amount of interest, the hashtag is not auto-completing or showing up as trending on Twitter.  And if the hashtag is being throttled, and it likely is, it wouldn’t be the first time…

Project Veritas, best known for making undercover videos of mainstream media figures saying things they’d rather keep private, have released a flurry of videos from inside CNN since Monday. With the help of a whistleblower technician who worked for the network, the recordings show CNN as being obsessed with “resisting” President Donald Trump, according to a report by RT.

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