Get woke, go broke!


The ratings for CW’s new feminist TV show Batwoman have already cratered in just its second week on the air.

The “woke” program lost about one-third of its initial audience from its premiere in its second episode that aired on Sunday night. The show posted a very low 0.3/1 rating with only 1.5 million viewers tuning in, as CW came in dead last of any major network in the ratings.

Social justice warriors are already blaming “toxic fan culture” for the immense unpopularity of the show. Commentator David Opie of Digital Spy pointed to user reviews on Rotten Tomatoes as evidence of trolls undermining the show’s admirable messaging.

“You can tell a narrative is being pushed rather than a decent story being told,” another review claims.

He also pointed to the unpopularity of Batwoman on IMDB as more evidence that trolls are waging war with the show. It receives a 3.1 rating on the site while only 12 percent of Rotten Tomatoes user reviewers give the show a “fresh” rating.

Instead of admitting that the show may be poorly written and unpopular based on its own merits, Opie blames a chauvinist glass ceiling of sexist internet trolls conspiring to hold this TV show down.

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