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This is the problem, right here. Democrats talk and talk and talk without knowing the answers.

If you’re going to say Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani has committed a boatload of crimes, you should have the facts in your corner. 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris (CA) doesn’t understand that.

No Democrats understand it.

From Daily Wire:

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris claimed during a Friday interview on CNN that Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani had “broken many laws,” but, when pressed on what specific laws she thinks that he has broken, Harris struggled to give any examples.

Harris appeared on “Anderson Cooper 360°” where she was asked about recent reports alleging that Giuliani is under federal investigation over his business dealings in Ukraine after two men that he was allegedly connected to were arrested by federal authorities.


Kamala Harris claims that Rudy Giuliani has “broken many laws”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper asks her what laws he has broken

Harris responds: “Well, I, I, I don’t know”