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Did you know that Chris Pratt’s father-in-law is Arnold Schwarzenegger? Seems weird, doesn’t it?

Pratt married Anrold’s daughter, Katharine, after divorcing actress Anna Faris.

Liberals have disliked the former “Parks and Recreation” actor for some time now after learning that he’s a proud Christian and proud American. Then, on Tuesday, this tweet about his wife really set some of them off, leading the far-left to believe that Chris is a sexist…

From Indy 100:

Over the weekend, the Guardians of the Galaxy actor shared a photo of a plated food that appears to have been burnt to a crisp.

According to Pratt, the food was originally a bagel bite – that his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger tried to microwave.

“Proud of my darling for trying to cook tonight,” the 40-year-old wrote in a lengthy caption. “Did it go well? No. No it did not. To quote Rocky Balboa: ‘It’s not how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many times you get up… and keep moving forward.’

“As you can tell from the lump of coal in the centre of the plate, this bagel bite never stood a chance. I honestly simply cannot imagine what went wrong here. Pretty simple. Microwave. Two minutes. Maybe she thought it said two hours.

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