Firebrand Democrat Congressman Joaquin Castro has provided yet another example of how his party and their media lackeys continue to rely on the big lie as their primary political strategy.

The rabid Trump-hating brother of 2020 Dem hopeful Julian Castro blasted the POTUS over what he describes as a “human rights violation by the United States government via one of his random volcanic spasms on Twitter.

According to Castro, Trump not only “intentionally separated kids from their parents” but then put them up for adoption as well.

Casto – who recently doxed Trump donors in his own congressional district – sent out an article by The Hill to “prove” his point only there was one major problem.

The Hill piece clearly states that the poor Salvadoran child that the shameless lying Dem exploited to make his case was actually taken into custody during the Obama administration, the same president who caged children of illegal immigrants at the southern border. All The Top Trump News WITHOUT The Liberal Censorship

The piece cites an extensive Associated Press story on the plight of Araceli Ramos Bonilla and her young daughter Alexa who was scooped up while Barack Obama was still ensconced in the White House.

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