Spin Machine Overdrive – New York Times Attempts To ...

Source: Nworeport

This is getting very interesting.

One America News Network is reporting that Andrew McCabe had an affair with his subordinate Lisa Page who was also reportedly having an affair with Peter Strzok.

The alleged FBI love trio set out to destroy President Trump and Gen. Mike Flynn, according to the Sunday report on OAN.

All three FBI bosses — or alleged would-be lovebirds — have been either fired from the FBI or removed and are targets of a newly-minted criminal probe targeting the FBI’s role in concocting the Russia collusion hoax.

“Lisa Page carried on an affair with both deputy director (Andrew) McCabe and Strzok,” OAN reported. “And as lovers-three their text messages paint a now-infamous portrait of elitist intervention and collusion to derail a U.S. Presidential candidate.”

McCabe was the boss of both Page and Strzok.

The new revelations, if true, take this unfolding saga to an entirely new level of bizarre.

Here is the original broadcast from OAN:

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