Is $250 too high a price? No worries, you can get this other “Jesus is King dove crewneck” for a mere $170.

Kanye West Sells 'Jesus Is King' Sweatshirt For $250, Sweatpants $140

Source: Chris Menahan | Information Liberation

You too can now honor Jesus Christ (and Kanye West) in sweatshirt form for only $250!

Is $250 too high a price? No worries, you can get this other “Jesus is King dove crewneck” for a mere $170.

Those sweatshirts go perfectly with these matching “Jesus is King” sweatpants for $140 (all of which are 100 percent cotton):

Don’t forget to also pick up your “ArchAngel T-Shirt” for $60, your “Jesus is King” long sleeve shirt for $70 and your “Sunday Service hat” for $45!

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It’s all part of the “Sunday Service” experience West is advertising on his website,, which currently only contains a direct link to his merch shop.

Here’s a clip of the “Sunday Service” Kanye put on after his album was released:

Oh wait, it was taken down due to a copyright strike. Sorry about that. I guess the fine Christians over at Def Jam Records, who Kanye chose to partner with for this album rather than exclusively use his own label, demanded the clip be taken down!

If you want to honor that Jesus is King™ through Kanye’s official Sunday Service™, I guess you have to pay Def Jam president Paul Rosenberg (the “Number One” at Def Jam’s “Chick-Fil-A”!) royalties.

Incidentally, if you thought the album was a bit short, that’s because they appear to have split it into two. Kanye has a second album, titled “Jesus is Born,” reportedly scheduled for release on Christmas.

On Friday, it was reported that Kanye is “very interested” in hanging out with prosperity gospel preacher Joel Osteen.

Did people really learn nothing from Kanye’s “endorsement” of Trump?

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