She deleted her post defending free speech and criticism from a Conservative Inc. smear campaign.


Conservative Inc. is getting desperate to suppress dissent after a grassroots revolt has started at “Culture War” events hosted by Turning Point USA (TPUSA) founder Charlie Kirk, where the pro-drag queen student leader has been bombarded with questions about his ideology.

After a TPUSA event at Ohio State University crashed and burned on Wednesday night, Conservative Inc. is in full-blown damage control, and they are attempting to cancel paleoconservative video blogger Nick Fuentes as a result.

Trust fund conservative Will Chamberlain, who has presided over the fizzling Human Events re-launch, accused Fuentes of “anti-semitism” in many Twitter posts throughout the day.

BlazeTV’s Lauren Chen cried foul at Chamberlain’s desperate smears and made a post in favor of free speech for TPUSA’s critics.

Her Twitter post, which quickly racked up many likes on the platform, can be seen here:

However, Chen removed the post from Twitter after it started to gain popularity, perhaps after receiving orders from her boss Glenn Beck.

Kirk makes frequent appearances on Beck’s radio show where he receives effusive praise from the former “Never Trump” leader.

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