The impeachment charade mounted by Democrats based on secret testimony from sketchy witnesses continues with conniving Adam Schiff running the assault on democracy.

Schiff’s unprecedented restriction of his hearings from a locked room in the Capitol basement from Republicans is akin to something out of a totalitarian state conducted while a corrupt media showers him with legitimacy.

With shifty Schiff lining up his parade of treacherous anti-Trump operatives for a nationally televised spectacle, Hollywood’s congressman is being coy about the timeline for the lynching.

On the Sunday morning “news” circuit where Schiff has become a weekly fixture, he showed up on ABC’s “This Week” to peddle his lies.

According to Schiff:

“We will be doing public hearings, and I think we’ll be doing them soon… I don’t want to give precise timing because we’re struggling with the White House’s continuing efforts to obstruct our investigation”

Schiff is full of it because first and foremost there is ZERO evidence to impeach Trump and this ginned-up scam over a phone call to Ukraine’s new leader is just a continuation of the Russian collusion hoax that finally imploded when the senile old fool Robert Mueller didn’t deliver the goods.

It has been well documented that Democrats have sought to impeach Trump since before he was sworn in and this farce could drag on for years if the POTUS is reelected.

As for Shiff,  the neo-Stalinist House Intelligence Committee chairman is salivating over star “witness” John Bolton’s glorious appearance before the rigged panel.

The mustachioed former national security adviser has played a huge role in the Dems impeachment charade since he was unceremoniously fired by President Trump last month from a job that he never should have held in the first place.

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