• The Facts:Soviet Air Force Colonel & Cosmonaut Marina Popovic (pictured above) was one of multiple to express that something extraterrestrial may have happened to the soviet ‘space probe’ designed to explore the moons of mars after communication was lost.
  • Reflect On:Reflect on the fact that there is so much evidence showing we are not alone–it’s overwhelming–yet, to a certain extent, society still ignores the biggest story in human history.

What’s really going on in space? What have ‘the global elite’ tried to do in space? The truth is many people are starting to realize that we live in a very sheltered world, inside a bubble that people are now trying to desperately pop. We’ve been fed a lot of disinformation about discoveries that would change the way we view the very nature of our reality and what it means to be human. Discoveries that would have us ask the deep questions about life, our purpose, why we are here, and where we come from. Discoveries that would literally change human consciousness forever.

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