Source: Christina Lalla

President Trump held another massive rally in Lexington, Kentucky on Monday night — and Antifa thugs showed up to harass and attack Trump supporters.

A young woman named Kaitlin Bennett was attacked by Antifa thugs Monday night near Trump’s rally in Lexington, Kentucky.

Police officers rushed in to break up the fight but made no arrests.

“I was just attacked by Antifa down the street from the Trump rally in Lexington & the cops stood by & refused to arrest any of them,” Bennett said. “They let them walk free & go to the rally as it let out where they’ll hurt more Trump supporters.”

Ms. Bennett called on President Trump to declare Antifa a domestic terrorist organization.


Bennett said that the black guy who attacked her tonight was arrested at her open carry walk at Kent State a year ago for trying to get through a line of police to attack her.


“His name is Ronaldo Dixon and he is a violent terrorist that needs to be locked away,” Bennett said.