Top Democrat Nancy Pelosi is concerned that her party’s candidates may be becoming too extreme for the mainstream and that the socialism that has taken root may come back to bit them in next year’s elections.

By now it is clear that the 2020 field is doomed to fail on a national level with the only “electable” candidate in Joe Biden being both borderline senile and corrupt and the alternative being Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Warren’s fortunes have risen in the year since many predicted that her disastrous DNA test video would be the end of her political career but the energetic septuagenarian has delighted crowds with her attacks on the rich and promises of free stuff and a class war against their perceived oppressors.

But while Pocahontas is riding high, she is in heap big trouble with moderates and swing voters who will demand answers on her Medicare For All promises and how she plans to fund it.

And socialist crank Bernie Sanders continues to hang in there having recently been buoyed by the endorsement of bartender turned congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her small army of social media followers.

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