Source: Billy M – Nworeport

A creepy four-story mural of climate activist Greta Thunberg is set to be unveiled next week in San Francisco.

The enormous painting will stare down at residents and visitors near Union Square in the heart of the city’s downtown.

Several people say they find the giant mural unsettling, describing it as something straight out of a dystopian Sci-Fi movie.

RT reports: The mural depicts the face of the 16-year-old media darling, gazing down at passersby on Union Square in San Francisco, with her signature tense expression.

Argentine artist Andreas Iglesias, who is putting the finishing touches on the massive work, said his ultimate goal is to raise awareness about climate issues.

“What I want from people is to realize [they] have to do something for the world. Otherwise, it’s going to be the beginning of our extinction,” the muralist, also known as Cobre, told KPIX.

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