Crenshaw threatened young ‘America First’ patriots questioning his stances on the issues.

Source: Shane Trejo

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) appeared at the Arizona State University (ASU) campus on Friday where a raucous audience challenged Crenshaw on many of his stances.

Crenshaw began to get chippy with attendees when individuals felt that questions were being cherry-picked, as they were during a recent Ben Shapiro speech at Stanford University. This is when Crenshaw started showing his contempt toward the students on campus who had the audacity to push back against the legislator.

“You know what’s funny about you guys?” Crenshaw said as he refused a question from the audience. “You operate exactly like the far-left. You push, and you push, and when somebody says ‘uhh, you’re not part of us,’ you get triggered. You claim victimhood. You engage in victim identity politics. It’s pathetic.”

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Crenshaw then lectured the audience with a rant against freedom of speech in the public square.

“Being here does not give you a right to ask a question. Again, what’s the difference between you and the far-left? The far-left likes to talk about how they… how government and people can create rights for them. You are doing the exact same thing,” Crenshaw said.

As the crowd continued to turn on him, Crenshaw became more livid that his authority was being challenged. He then called out audience members wearing “Make America Great Again” hats to the event, accusing them of being hatemongers without evidence.

“This is the alt right 2.0 because the alt right has been discredited so what they do is they try to cloak themselves in some sort of logical nationalism, some kind of MAGA-hat-wearing ‘America First’ type rhetoric which a lot of conservatives agree with, and then they use that to cloak their anti-Semitic leanings and their racist leanings, and it’s pretty gross,” Crenshaw said.

When the ‘America First’ contigent of the audience professed their support of Israel and disagreed with Crenshaw’s “Basket of Deplorables”-style denunciation of their motives, that is when Crenshaw invoked the specter of Orwellian surveillance against them.

“Now we’re going to have a little “Come to Jesus” moment,” Crenshaw said. “You don’t have the luxury of the time that I grew up in where nothing was online, and we weren’t tweeting, and we weren’t on Facebook, and things like this weren’t being filmed.”

“You guys live in that reality, and you’re young, and you’re not that experienced right now, and you’re very upset and emotional. You should know you’re going to regret this. You’re going to regret being on camera saying some of the things that you’re saying,” he said in a direct threat meant to quell the freedom of expression of the questioners.

The clip of Crenshaw threatening students with Big Brother repercussions can be seen here:

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